The police recorded 1.4 million (1,395,877) violence against the person offences in the year ending March 20183. This was an increase of 19% compared with the year ending March 2017 (1,170,390

offences). Of these:

  • “violence without injury” accounted for 42% (586,098 offences)
  • “violence with injury” accounted for 37% (512,631 offences)
  • “stalking and harassment” accounted for 21% (295,696 offences)4
  • “death or serious injury – unlawful driving” accounted for 0.05% (726 offences)
  • “homicide” accounted for 0.05% (726 offences)

Violent crimes against children

The year ending March 2018 CSEW estimated that 4.4% of children aged 10 to 15 years (423,000) were a victim of violent crime5 in the previous 12 months, showing no statistically significant change from the previous year’s survey. Children were more commonly victims of violence with injury than violence without injury (3.7% compared with 0.8%). Over three-quarters of children experiencing violence with injury (2.8% of children) were victims of assault with minor injury.

The Home Office Data Hub provides data on child victims of violent crime recorded by the police. For the year ending March 2018, these data are available for 34 forces who supplied adequate data to the Data Hub. Children aged under 16 years were proportionally less likely to be victims of violent crimes recorded by the police in the year ending March 2018; those aged under 16 years accounted for 19% of the population, but only 13% of victims of violent crime.


Office for National Statistics of UK

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