Threats by Çelik against Cyprus and Greece

Turkish Cypriot Halkın Sesi newspaper (01.11.18) reports that Ömer Çelik, spokesman of ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey has warned Greece with a “harsh language” regarding the explorations for natural gas in Eastern Mediterranean, claiming that these activities will not be allowed. In statements after a meeting of AKP’s central committee, Çelik alleged the following:

Greece’s activities in Eastern Mediterranean will not be allowed. The toughest response will be given by Turkey to Greece’s slightest effort for gradual expansion of its territorial watersThe territory which they call parcel 7 is in our continental shelf. The necessary answer will be given by our Armed Forces. Our Faith vessel is strongly protected. We recommend to the Greek and Greek Cypriot side not to undertake any initiative. The Greek side should not forget Grand Assembly’s warning of 1995. Turkey will not hesitate to do whatever is necessary”.

The paper recalls that the decision taken by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 8 June 1995 was to describe as “casus belli” a possible expansion of Greece’s territorial waters to 12 miles in the Aegean.


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