Nine days remain in The World Games Athlete of the Year race, and nothing has been decided yet! The 10 best candidates still in the race all have their fans voting for them, and a record number of votes – over 270,000 – has already been cast this year. On February 1st we will know not only the winner, but also the runner-up and the best team!

This year 25 candidates in all have competed for The World Games Athlete of the Year title. At the moment, it seems that the Gymnastics world has decided that the Acrobatic Gymnasts Marina Chernova & Georgii Pataraia (RUS) should be named Athletes of the Year, but Powerlifters disagree. Last year, Powerlifter Larysa Soloviova ended as runner-up with only a couple of hundred votes less than the winner, Sport Climber Reza Alipourshenazandifar. Surely the Powerlifters do not want to see a repeat of this!

Behind the top two there are other candidates advancing rapidly in the list, notably Kickboxer Orfan Sananzade (UKR), Karate star Sandra Sanchez (ESP) and DanceSport couple Zhrakov & Kulikova (RUS).

Until January 31st, everyone can vote once per day for their favourites.

Current standings:

Marina Chernova & Georgii Pataraia, Gymnastics 67154

Jennifer Thompson, Powerlifting 64255

Orfan Sananzade, Kickboxing 30881

Svetlana Vinnikova, Muaythai 24357

Sandra Sanchez, Karate 11360

Greece Women’s Team, Beach Handball 10358

Zharkov & Kulikova, DanceSport 9929

Janja Garnbret, Sport Climbing 9836

Patrick Thomas, Fistball 7509

Dominique Fontenette, Flying Disc 7468


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