During the working visit to the US, President Petro Poroshenko received the International Statesman Reward of the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.

“I’m deeply moved and feel highly honored to receive the International Statesmen Award of the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. I consider it as the acknowledgement of our joint efforts. I consider it as the recognition of the progress we made as the Ukrainian nation. I consider it as a symbol of unity and solidarity of the American people, Congress and Administration with Ukraine,” the Head of State noted.

The Head of State referred to the words of the U.S. iconic figure, President Abraham Lincoln: “our task is to ensure that those dead, those who gave their lives, so that we might live free, shall not have died in vain”.

The President once again expressed gratitude for the reward: “We shall never waste our chance to make our significant positive impact on world affairs and ensuring better future for the generations to come. It is our noble mission to achieve lasting peace through the support of freedom and democracy. As you do so in the United States, as we do so in Ukraine and as we do so together in the world”.


Office of the President of Ukraine

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