The OAS and Chile Expand Cooperation in Cybersecurity

The Organization of American States (OAS) and the Government of Chile today signed a cooperation agreement through which they will strengthen their collaborative work on cybersecurity, given the risks and challenges faced by governments in technological globalization.

The signing of the agreement took place in the framework of the visit of President Sebastián Piñera to OAS headquarters in Washington DC, and was formalized by Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero and Secretary General Luis Almagro, who recalled that the OAS has collaborated with Chile to strengthen its cybersecurity system, and assured that the new agreement “is another example of the good harmony the Organization has with Chile, a strategic partner of the four pillars of the OAS; in this case, multidimensional security.”

For his part, President Piñera highlighted the importance of addressing the challenges of cybersecurity and described the agreement as an “extraordinarily urgent, useful and necessary” step. “If we want to continue along this path that will allow us to improve our democracy and citizen participation, we have to make a huge effort to recover the time we have lost in terms of cybersecurity and to adapt to the new threats that it has posed to us,” said the Chilean President.

The agreement includes the development of strategies and policies for more reliable computer systems; the review of the institutional and legal frameworks in force in the country in order to identify opportunities for improvement; the creation of campaigns, policies and awareness plans that promote the creation of a culture of cybersecurity in the population; the search for cooperation opportunities in the field of cyber defense, particularly in the face of cyber incidents; and collaboration in the prevention and mitigation of risks and threats to critical infrastructures.



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