“The European Union must be more engaged and actively involved in the efforts to restore stability in the Middle East. To this end, support is needed for programs aimed at strengthening security, the economy, improving the social, educational and health system in the countries of the region, so that young people are involved in solving the challenges in their countries.” This was stated by President Rumen Radev at a meeting with Lebanon’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Migration, Mr. Jebran Basil, who is on an official visit to Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian head of state welcomed the formation of the new Lebanese government of national unity and expressed support for the country’s efforts to strengthen security and promote economic growth not only in Lebanon but also in the region. According to Rumen Radev, Lebanon is a positive example of religious and ethnic tolerance in the Middle East.

Rumen Radev was categorical that the migration crisis is a challenge for the whole of Europe, and the EU should not be anxious to observe the processes in the Middle East region but to actively encourage through its policies the search for effective solutions to tackle the causes of migratory waves. Lebanon is one of the countries most affected by refugee and migration processes in the region and should receive active support from the international community to address this issue, is the position of the president.

The forthcoming official visit of the Bulgarian head of state to Lebanon at the invitation of his colleague, President Michel Aun, together with a large business delegation to further deepen bilateral economic ties, mutual investment and tourism, was also discussed.


Office of the President of Bulgaria

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