Prime Minister Netanyahu, at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting, made the following remarks:
“We are in pursuit of the terrorists at two points in the Ariel area. I offer my support to the soldiers of the IDF, the ISA and the security forces who are pursuing the terrorists. I am certain that they will apprehend them and we will deal with them to the fullest extent of the law as we have done in all of the recent incidents.
Israel views with utmost gravity the firing at us of rockets from the Gaza Strip at the weekend. Hamas bears the responsibility for all attacks from the Gaza Strip, whether the firing is intentional or in error.
Therefore, I ordered to attack 100 Hamas terrorist targets; the IDF struck them hard. If necessary we will step up these attacks in order to continue ensuring quiet for Israel’s citizens.
This week American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will arrive in Israel. I will discuss with him our efforts to thwart the military entrenchment of Iran in Syria and – above all – we will discuss the efforts to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons.
Together with him I will also meet with the President of Cyprus and the Prime Minister of Greece in order to discuss the laying of a gas pipeline from Israel to Europe. This will bring vast revenue to state coffers that will be directed to the benefit of Israel’s citizens.”


Office of the Prime Minister of Israel

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