20 July 2018/UK Space Agency (UKSA) has announced a race to name the rover, which is going to Mars to find traces of life.The Rover, built in the UK as part of the ESA ExoMars mission, is set to launch in 2020. Directly on the surface of Mars, it will deal with how it evolved and whether or not the conditions for life are right here.

The Rover ExoMars will be the first similar device to move around Marty’s surface and drill bits to find out if there are any traces of life hidden beneath the surface. Here they can be protected from the sun’s radiation that bombards the surface of the “red planet”.

The vehicle will collect samples and analyze them using top-of-the-range instruments. It will be the best time for Mars to send out an automatic lab.

Robot with a name

Cosmonaut Tim Peake announces the launch of the Rover Name Contest

The rover name competition was introduced by ESA cosmonaut Tim Peak at the Farnborough Aerosalon.

“Mars is a fascinating locality. It is a place where one day people will work side by side with robots to acquire new knowledge as well as search for life in our Solar System, “Tim Peake said on this occasion. “Rover ExoMars is an important part of this research path. We urge everyone to become part of this amazing mission and name the rover that will wander Mars. ”

Rover should land on Mars in March 2021, using solar power to generate electricity. Cold local nights will be able to survive thanks to innovative batteries and heating units.

ExoMars will be the first mission to combine the ability to move and study under the surface.

Another part of the ExoMars mission, the TGO (Trace Gas Orbiter), is already in orbit of Mars. From there he studies atmospheric gases associated with active geological or biological processes.

David Parker, director of pilots and robotic research at ESA, adds: “When I was young and dreamed about exploring Mars, a similar mission seemed like science fiction.”

“ExoMars missions are part of a European strategy to develop technology and provide a survey of Earth, Moon and Mars. All this is about gaining knowledge and benefits for people right on Earth. This competition is meant to inspire people across Europe and bring Mars closer to our homes. ”

Full terms and conditions of the competition and how you can participate in it can be found (in English)  here .




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