Moldova introduces eProcurement system MTender

  • Moldova launches eProcurement system
  • MTender supported by EBRD and EU
  • Major step in fight against corruption

In a ground-breaking reform of its administration, Moldova is launching an eProcurement system today which will radically transform the way public funds are spent. The new approach will provide full transparency, openness and accountability in a major step in the fight against corruption. The tool was introduced jointly by the EBRD, WTO and Moldova’s Ministry of Finance in Chisinau today.

In addition, the benefits of e-procurement include improvements in market access and competition, promotion of integrity, reduced information costs and easier access to information.

The new electronic system, called MTender, has been introduced in all key central government ministries and 100 subordinated entities. It follows the creation, introduction and adoption of the required technical and legal framework with active support by the EBRD and the European Union (EU).

The joint project covered: the preparation of the eProcurement reform concept; the preparation of the implementation plan; the preparation of a draft primary legislation; assistance with drafting relevant secondary legislation; the preparation and delivery of eProcurement training; and the provision of policy, regulatory and business advice.

The project started in February 2016 and cost €1.2 million, provided by the EU under its EuropeAid programme. The launch today is the beginning of a gradual roll-out with the aim to keep the reform momentum going for a radical overhaul of the system, in line with international best practice in governance and public administration. The involvement of civil society will play an important role to further safeguard the delivery.



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