An international drawing competition for young people

The competition proposes three possible themes to inspire you. Choose a theme (or all of them), and start drawing… you can submit as many pictures as you like.

Theme 1: Paint or draw a picture about a human right you feel strongly must be defended.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights contains 30 Articles. Choose one of these Articles and illustrate it in your own creative way.

Theme 2: Paint or draw a picture of someone you admire for their efforts in defending or promoting human rights.

Many people are well known for their actions in defending a just cause, bringing changes to the laws of a country or improving civil and human rights. These include Martin Luther King, who fought for Black Americans’ civil rights, Nelson Mandela, the first black President to lead South Africa after the end of apartheid; Malala, the young girl from Pakistan who survived an assassination as she tried to defend girls’ right to go to school; Martin Ennals, a former Secretary-General of Amnesty International and human rights defender; or Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian lawyer who became the first woman judge in Iran and who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 for her work defending the rights of women and children. And many, many others. Tell us which human right defender you admire most.

Theme 3: Paint or draw a picture showing how you can defend or promote human rights.

There are many ways and simple actions a person can take to defend human rights: showing your intolerance towards actions that have an impact on other people’s dignity or rights, showing your disagreement with actions that go against the respect of human rights, participating in a march to defend a cause or signing a petition, disagreeing with your brother or sister when they express intolerant views or say bad things about other people because they are part of a minority or perceived to have fewer rights than others… Every day there are still too many times when speech or actions hurt other people for their beliefs or because of who they are… you can stand up for someone’s rights.

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Submitting your drawing

First send an image of your drawing. You can upload to the website or you can email to kids4humanrights@gabarron.org with the release form indicating your name, age, address.

If you are selected among the finalists, you will be invited to send your original drawing by post to the Gabarron Foundation.

Deadline for submitting your drawing: October 31, 2018


For each category, the jury will designate a first-, second- and third-prize winner. Special awards of merit may be given at the jury’s discretion.

All drawings selected in the final stages of the competition will become part of the collection of the Gabarron Foundation’s Queen Sofia Children’s Art Museum, one of the world’s first museum dedicated to art produced by children. Located in Valladolid, Spain, with a branch opening in Shanghai, China, in 2019.

The top winning drawing will be displayed at the museum and at other locations (to be decided).

*Please note that drawings will not be returned and become the property of The Gabarron Foundation.

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