The Executive Committee approved the World Championships for 2021-2024 as well as the competition calendar for 2021.

World Championships: 

2021 – WCH Juniors all events, PERU (Las Palmas);  


  • WCH all events, RUSSIAN FEDERATION (Moscow region), 
  • WCH Juniors all events, KOREA (Changwon);  

2023 – WCH/ WCH Juniors Rifle/Pistol, EGYPT (Cairo);  

2024 – WCH Juniors all events, AUSTRALIA (Sydney)

Competitions in 2021:  

World Cups:

  • WC Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun, INDIA (New Delhi);  
  • WC Rifle/ Pistol/Shotgun, KOREA (Changwon);  
  • WC Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun, AZERBAIJAN (Baku);  
  • WC Shotgun, EGYPT (Cairo);  
  • WC Shotgun, ITALY (Lonato);  

Junior World Championship:  

  • WCH Juniors all events, PERU (Las Palmas)

Grand Prix:  

  • Grand Prix Rifle/Pistol 10m, SLOVENIA (Ruse);  
  • Grand Prix Shotgun, MOROCCO (Rabat);  
  • Grand Prix Rifle/Pistol, INDONESIA (Jakarta);  
  • Grand Prix Rifle/Pistol 10m, CROATIA (Osijek)

Junior World Cups:  

  • WC Juniors Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun, GERMANY (Suhl);  
  • WC Juniors Shotgun, KAZAKHSTAN (Almaty)

Sources: ISSF

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