Prime Minister Jüri Ratas headed to Switzerland yesterday to attend the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos from today to Friday.

The World Economic Forum focuses on the issues of globalism that have arisen in relation to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In Davos, the forum will bring together heads of state, academics, leaders of multinational corporations, and representatives of the community sector. In the context of slowing economic growth, intense competition between countries, rapid and unpredictable technological advances, and ecological concerns which require more attention, world leaders will discuss ways for promoting international and interregional cooperation.  According to Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, the challenges that the countries of the world are facing require solutions to which everybody contributes. “Based on our experience and our size, we know full well that big issues do not care about national borders. In addition, solutions to these issues can often be adopted from one another to save energy and resources. It is very important for us to take part in discussions on issues that concern all countries,” the prime minister said. “In addition, this will also enable us to present the digital development of Estonia and share our e-state experience, which is an everyday thing for us, but noteworthy for most countries,” Ratas said. 

In Davos, Prime Minister Ratas will present to corporate leaders as well as heads of states and governments the experiences of the Estonian e-state, digital identity, and digital society. The prime minister will participate in discussions on the future of Europe and the global economy as well as the cooperation between the European Union and African states. In addition, the prime minister will also meet with representatives of companies that have made foreign investments in Estonia as well as with potential foreign investors and cooperation partners. 

Among others, Ratas plans to meet with the executives of Apple, Uber Technologies,, Ericsson, Proteus Digital Health, Accenture, PayPal, The Coca-Cola Company, Koç Holding AS, and BenevolentAI. The prime minister also plans to hold bilateral meetings with the presidents of Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, and Uganda and the prime minister of New Zealand.  Prime Minister Ratas will return to Estonia on the evening of Friday, 25 January.


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