Energy Community hosts second meeting of External Contact Platform to develop cooperation with ENTSOG

On 22 October, the Energy Community hosted the second meeting of the External Contact Platform (ECP), a platform developed by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) and the Energy Community Secretariat, to strengthen ENTSOG’s cooperation with non-EU gas transmission companies, including those from the Energy Community countries.

The Platform discussed the most pressing issues related to the implementation of the EU gas network codes, challenges associated with the development of ten-year network development plans for both gas and electricity girds in parallel and, in particular, new rules for incremental capacity, expected to be a part of the Energy Community gas acquis later this year. A total of ten of the eleven Contracting Party transmission system operators were represented.

Janez Kopač, Energy Community Secretariat Director, said “It is very important that Energy Community catches up not only with the implementation of already adopted network codes and existing gas acquis, but to be ready for the challenges ahead that will require additional efforts in the process of decarbonisation”.

ECP meetings take place twice a year, in addition to the more specialized workshops and the more operational meetings, which are already taking place between members of the Energy Community and ENTSOG.

The next ECP meeting is planned for April 2019.



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