During his participation in Davos World Economic Conference, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, the prime minister met on 22 January 2019 with Mr. Yan Lida, Chairman of Huawei Group. The ministers of investment, international cooperation and tourism attended the meeting.

The President of the company started the meeting by presenting the company’s plans, which aims at diversifying its investments in Egypt by cooperating with local Egyptian companies. Those investments are directed to the development of smart cities and other fields, such as the field of communications and information technology. This will expand the exports market, that instead of restricting the Egyptian market to export finished products, it will be able to export manufactured products. 

The President of Huawei also pointed out to the opportunities offered by the company to the talented students from Egypt to get training opportunities and choose the best elements for them to be recruited in the company.

For her part, the Egyptian Minister of Tourism referred to the protocol of cooperation with Huawei to be signed soon. She also pointed out that the number of Chinese tourists around the world is almost reaching 150 million tourists annually, and they are spending about 200 billion dollars.
Last but not least, Dr. Madbouly called on the Ministers concerned with this issue, to communicate with Huawei administrative officials in order to discuss the executive steps of the proposed cooperation programs.


Cabinet of Ministers of Egypt

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