Business sector:

Municipal and environmental infrastructure

Project number:

76979Funding source:


Contract type:

Consultancy ServicesNotice type:

Invitation for expressions of interest (CSU)

Issue date:

30 Jan 2019Closing date:

12 Mar 2019   at  17:00   London

Single Stage Open Competitive Selection – Request for Proposals

Project Description: 

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the “EBRD” or the “Bank”) has been approached by the Government of Egypt (GoE) for assistance in developing a national programme to address hazardous waste issues and identifying a commercially and technically viable hazardous waste management model along with a business case for a pilot hazardous waste management project that could potentially attract funding by IFIs (the “Project”). GoE is aware of waste management issues and is keen to address them. In order to achieve these objectives, the existing hazardous waste management provisions in Egypt will be identified and assessed and relevant improvements recommended and potential commercial models for hazardous waste management identified.

Assignment Description: 

The EBRD intends to engage a qualified consultant (the “Consultant”) to develop and assist in the implementation of a Hazardous Waste Management Programme (the “Programme”) with the Egyptian Ministry of Environment (EME) and the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) in close consultation and coordination with the Egyptian Ministry of the Local Development and the governorates (the Stakeholders) (the “Assignment”).

The Assignment will be conducted in two phases. Phase 1 will involve identifying any constraints and developing a hazardous waste management programme and Phase 2 will involve identifying hazardous waste management models and the piloting of a hazardous waste management project. 

The implementation of Phase 2 of the Assignment is subject to the successful completion of Phase 1, the availability of funding and written confirmation from various Egyptian authorities.

The aim of the Programme is to:
– Raise the awareness among the governorates, businesses and communities of potential adverse environmental, health and safety impacts and risks of improper hazardous waste disposal and the need for adequate separation of hazardous waste from non-hazardous waste and the collection and disposal of hazardous waste;
– Increase the Stakeholders’ knowledge and understanding of relevant EU Directives and reference documents for best available techniques for waste treatment and waste incineration and international best practice for management of waste;
– Promote good industry practice and advanced municipal policies in managing waste by showcasing a number of examples from the EU countries and EBRD’s countries of operations to demonstrate the commercial success of adequate waste management policies and infrastructure;
– Assist the Egyptian authorities in developing a hazardous waste management programme and approach, taking into account existing shortfalls, planned industrial and property development and socio-economic and the demographic situation;
– Identify technically and economically viable models for hazardous waste management facilities and develop a concept of a pilot hazardous waste management project that could be potentially financed by EBRD..

The Consultant shall carry out following key tasks under Phase 1 of the Assignment:
– Legislative Review and Recommendations; 
– Review of Current Waste Management Practice; 
– Analysis of Organisational and Financial Challenges; 
– Chain of Custody and Monitoring; 
– Draft National Hazardous Waste Management Programme.

The Consultant is expected to carry out the following key tasks under Phase 2 of the Assignment: 
– Identification of models for hazardous waste management facilities;
– Develop a concept of a pilot hazardous waste management project.

Consultant Selection Procedure: 

Single stage open competitive selection.
Interested firms or groups of firms are invited to submit a Technical and Financial Proposal.

Assignment Start Date and Duration: 

Phase 1 of the Assignment is expected to start in April 2019 and has an estimated overall duration of up to 18 months.

Cost Estimate for the Assignment: 

EUR 250,000.00 for Phase 1 only (exclusive of VAT). (The implementation of Phase 2 of the Assignment is subject to the availability of funding, the successful completion of Phase 1 and written confirmation from various Egyptian authorities)

The Contract award is subject to availability of funding, the performance of the selected Consultant and the business needs, the Assignment may be extended beyond the current scope.
The Consultant must determine whether any VAT would be chargeable on the services and the basis for that determination, without taking into consideration the special status of the Bank as an IFI and state this to the Bank in their response to the Invitation for Expressions of Interest. To the extent that a Consultant incurs input VAT on goods and services purchased in connection with the provision of services (e.g. VAT on airline ticket) which is not otherwise recoverable by the consultant from the local tax authority, the gross cost to the consultant of such expenses shall be treated as a reimbursable expense.

Funding Source:

 It is anticipated that the contract will be financed by SEMED Multi Donor Account (SEMD). Final selection and contracting is subject to the availability of funding.


There are no eligibility restrictions based on the consultant’s country of origin.

Consultant Profile: 

Corporate services are required. 
The Consultant will be a firm or a group of firms preferably with previous project experience related to:

– Developing and implementing hazardous waste strategies; standards and guidelines and expert knowledge of modern/advanced hazardous waste treatment and disposal techniques in Egypt or countries with comparable conditions to Egypt;
– Experience in working on hazardous waste management industry (ranging from collection, transportation, recycling and disposal of hazardous waste);
– Experience on assessing environmental and health and safety impacts of hazardous waste;
– International experts, paired with local partners, who are experienced with IFI requirements, namely EBRD’s Performance Requirement 3 Resource Efficiency and Pollution Prevention and Control and IFC Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines for Waste Management Facilities; and EU Landfill and Waste Incineration Directives and relevant Reference Documents for Best Available Techniques;
– An understanding and knowledge of the Egyptian regulations for management of hazardous waste; wider regional experience in Arab countries.

The consultant’s expert team is expected to include the following key experts (the ‘Key Experts’):

a) Key Expert 1:

Project Manager/ Waste Management Strategy Expert, with a professional degree in Environmental engineering or a similar field and preferably 15 years of experience and expertise in the following areas:
– Developing waste management strategies compliant with principles of EU regulations on waste management;
– Leading and implementing similar projects in the region or similar EBRD’s countries of operations; 
– Deploying waste management programmes; 
– Fluency in English;
– Excellent communication skills.
b) Key Expert 2:

Waste management specialist(s) preferably with a Degree in environmental engineering, chemical engineering or in a similar field relevant to waste management and preferably 7-10 years of experience and expertise in the following areas:
– Local and international experience in waste management in the region or EBRD countries of operation with similar conditions to Egypt; Relevant project experience in Egypt will be considered an advantage;
– Professional knowledge and practical implementation of EU Directives on Industrial Emissions, Landfills and Waste Incineration and the EBRD PRs3;
– Knowledge of advanced waste recovery and recycling technologies
– Good knowledge of English;
c) Key Expert 3:

Health and Safety expert preferably with a Degree in Medical Science, or Occupational Diseases or similar field and preferably 7 or more years of relevant professional experience and expertise in the following areas:
– Local and international experience in assessing impacts of poor waste handling and sanitation on people and the environment in the region or EBRD countries of operation with comparable conditions to Egypt. Relevant project experience in Egypt will be considered an advantage
– Knowledge of EBRD PR2/PR3/PR4 
– Good knowledge of English;
Local expert (s) with preferably 10 years of experience in:
– Environmental health assessment
– Knowledge of Egyptian waste handling practice
– Stakeholder engagement and community surveys
– Strong understanding of environmental and social challenges in Egypt especially with regards to the demographic situation, health issues, waste management and sanitation challenges

Submission Requirements: 

Interested consultants are now invited to submit a completed Technical and Financial Proposal as per the standard templates and instructions available at this link: http://www.ebrd.com/documents/procurement/single-stage-package.docx. Interested Consultants should make themselves familiar with these Standard Templates, Standard Instructions and Conditions of Contract in preparation of their proposals.

1. The Technical Proposal shall be submitted in English electronically via eSelection not later than the Closing Date, as one single PDF file. The technical proposal should not exceed 40 pages excluding the Declaration Form and CVs (Form 1- TP 1 and Form 1 – TP 6).

2. The Financial Proposal (Form 2 – FP 1 and FP2) shall be submitted in English separately by email only to the Bank Contact Person. Consultants are reminded of the requirement to ensure the confidentiality of the Financial Proposals. A Technical Proposal that contains elements of a financial proposal shall be declared non-responsive. 

Bank Contact Person:
Viv Headlam
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
One Exchange Square
London EC 2A 2JN
e-mail: Lewishev@ebrd.com
(submissions should be sent through eSelection and NOT to this email address)

Deadline to Submit Clarification Questions: 

Via e-mail to the Bank Contact Person by close of business 26 February 2019. 

Selection Method and Evaluation Criteria:

1. Technical Proposal Evaluation Criteria 

(a) Firm’s previous project experience in conducting similar assignments preferably in Egypt or countries with comparable conditions (30%)
(b) Quality of the methodology proposed for the Assignment (30%) 
(c) CVs of the Key Experts (40 %).
The minimum technical score (St) required to pass is 80.

2. Opening of Financial Proposals

After the technical evaluation is completed, only the submissions which score 80 or above of the total marks available for the technical criteria will be eligible to have their financial proposals opened.

3. Combined Technical and Financial Evaluation

The lowest evaluated Financial Proposal (Fm) is given the maximum financial score (Sf) of 100. The formula for determining the financial scores (Sf) of all other Proposals is calculated as follows:

Sf = 100 x Fm/ F, in which “Sf” is the financial score, “Fm” is the lowest evaluated Financial Proposal, and “F” the price of the Proposal under consideration.

Proposals are then ranked according to their combined technical (St) and financial (Sf) scores using the weights (T = 80; F = 20) T + F = 100 as follows: S = St x T% + Sf x F%.



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