Ministers will meet at 9:00 with their EFTA counterparts from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and
Switzerland. The discussion will focus on challenges and opportunities of fintech for the financial
sector and economic growth.
They will then hold a breakfast meeting, starting at 10:00, to discuss the economic situation and
the annual report of the European Fiscal Board. The Council is scheduled to start at 11:00.
~ ~ ~
The Council will hold an exchange of views on the digital services tax and discuss the progress
achieved in the negotiations so far.
The Court of Auditors will present its annual report on management of the EU budget, on the basis
of which discharge of the 2017 budget will be decided. The Council will adopt conclusions on the
climate finance aspects of the preparations of the COP 24 and on EU statistics. The presidency
and the Commission will report on the October G20 and IMF meetings.


Council of the EU

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