As stated by the EU in the Council Conclusions of May 2018, the presidential elections of last May in Venezuela were neither free, nor fair. Its outcome lacked any credibility as the electoral process did not ensure the necessary guarantees for inclusive and democratic elections.

The EU deeply regrets that its call for “fresh presidential elections in accordance with internationally recognised democratic standards and the Venezuelan constitutional order” was ignored and that President Maduro is today starting a new mandate on the basis of non-democratic elections.

This only pushes further away the possibility of a constitutional negotiated solution while the political, economic and social situation in the country keeps getting worse and the impact of the crisis in the stability of the region is increasing.

The EU urges President Maduro to recognise and respect the role and independence of the National Assembly, as a democratically elected institution, release all political prisoners, uphold the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms and urgently address the pressing needs of the population.

The EU remains convinced that a peaceful political democratic solution is the only sustainable way out of the Venezuelan crisis and is engaging with international and regional partners regarding how we might help create the conditions required for a credible political process amongst relevant Venezuelan actors. In this respect, the EU reiterates its willingness to keep the channels of communication open.

The EU will continue monitoring closely developments on the ground and stands ready to react through appropriate measures to decisions and actions that further undermine the democratic institutions and principles, the rule of law and human rights.

The EU also reiterates its reinforced engagement in the context of the humanitarian situation and migrant crisis.


European Council

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