Disarticulated human trafficking network that required drug-marketing

6 people arrested and 10 foreigners rescued is the balance of the latest operating advance by the group GAOT Migration Colombia, the SIJIN Armenian National Police and the Attorney General’s Office in the capital of the department of Quindio.

The operation, which took place in different parts of the city of Armenia, allowed the dismantling of an important network of trafficking who used to bring Venezuelan citizens from Cucuta to Coffee Region with false promise of putting them to work in coffee farms in the area, and then, when already in place, forcing them to work expending drug in different neighborhoods of the capital of the department of Quindio.

It was almost a year of research which allowed the GAOT group Migration Colombia to trace the whereabouts of these 6 people including those found Daniel Alexander Vanegas, Jose Aldemar Garcés Urrego, John Fredy Marin Hernandez, Victor Alfonso Tabares Marin, Oscar Andrés Cano Ramirez and Jorge Andres Bonilla, who was the bandleader.

According to research conducted by Migration Colombia, the network was responsible for looking young Venezuelans in different sectors city of Cucuta, who dealt with the promise of a job in coffee farms. Work that was conducted by Daniel Alexander Vanegas, alias “Crespo” who not only trust of his victims earned, but also was responsible for transporting them overland from the capital of Norte de Santander to the city of Armenia.

Once in Armenia, as instructed by Jorge Andres Bonilla, alias “Andrés or Colino”, foreigners were confined in a house in the city and forced to pay the band the sum of 600 thousand pesos, plus travel expenses. While managed to get this money, foreigners were subjected to all kinds of physical abuse and forced to carry different types of drugs under the threat of murder them or their loved ones.

The drug, which was brought from the Valle del Cauca, marketed in sunflowers, Cañas Gordas, Pinares and Las Colinas neighborhoods.

Within research, thanks to the evidentiary material gathered, it was established that this criminal organization would have killed allegedly five Colombian citizens who, presumably, were smuggling drugs from other people in the organization pots.

Those caught will be prosecuted for the crimes of human trafficking, drug trafficking, murder and conspiracy. While the victims were under the protection of the national government, who started psychological support for the restoration of their rights.

“This is the first blow against trafficking networks of people giving Migration Colombia following an agreement reached with Peru to establish a frontal fight against these organizations that take advantage of the need for Venezuelans , “ said the Director General of Immigration Colombia ; Christian Krüger Sarmiento.

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