Call for Applications to host the 3rd Symposium on Space Educational Activities

Following 2018’s successful 2ndSymposium in Budapest the ESA Education office is happy to announce a call for applications to host the 3rd Symposium on Space Educational Activities!

The ESA Education office is searching for a University or higher education establishment to host this symposium, to be held in autumn 2019. As in previous years the symposium is expected to attract at least 200 students, educators and professors from across Europe and promises to be an exciting showcase of the state, and future of, space educational activities in ESA member states and the wider world!

Beyond the traditional classroom environment, there is a large suite of hands-on and training activities, opportunities and collaborations existing across Europe, with the aim to educate and promote research and careers in space science and technology. The 3rd Symposium aims to bring together the providers of such activities, along with former, current and future participants, and to provide a forum for discussion on the current state and future of space educational activities in Europe.

Specifically the symposium aims:

Student participants discuss their hands-on projects
  • To enable educators (both curricular and extra-curricular) to showcase and share their experiences providing/supporting space educational activities at the tertiary education (i.e. University) level
  • To enable tertiary education (e.g. University) student, and young professional, participants in space educational activities to share their educational, scientific and technical results and experiences.
  • To provide a forum for discussion on the current state and future of space educational activities in Europe.
  • To enable educators (including University students and High School teachers) to showcase and share their experiences in providing space educational activities for the secondary (e.g. high school) education level which ‘bridge’ the gap between secondary and tertiary education.
  • To provide networking opportunities for both space education professionals and for (prospective) participants in space education projects/activities.
  • To elevate the understanding of academic, industrial and government institutions/organisations of the importance of hands-on activities and specialised training and learning opportunities in the preparation of the next generation of space scientists and engineers.

This third symposium follows the successful 1st Symposium (Padua, Dec. 2015) and 2nd Symposium (Budapest, Apr. 2018) and will constitute a continued series of symposia tracking the evolution of space educational activities and their participants.

To apply potential hosting organisations should read the Statement of Work (v1-3), complete the online form and attach their explanation of their proposed venue, organisation, social event(s), schedule, budget and experience.

Applications should be received by September 14th, 2018.

The ESA Education Office will support the hosting organisation with a subsidy of €10,000, plus support with the organisation and technical conference committees.

Contact person: Alex Kinnaird



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